Counseling for Substance Use Disorders

When battling substance use disorders, it’s important to remember that an individual doesn’t have to find their way alone. Building and utilizing a proper support system can make recovery not only a vision for the short-term but an obtainable plan for the long-term as well. That’s why the counseling team at Clearview Counseling is prepared to help those undergoing treatment for substance use disorders, and those seeking aftercare counseling. Facing issues like drug and alcohol addiction or major behavioral issues alone is rarely the safe or correct path to take. Overcoming minor and major struggles don’t have to take place in isolation. Our counselors are here to provide patients with the support, guidance, and resources they deserve, in a judgment-free environment that promotes a healthy journey to continued recovery.

Trust & Empathy

In any counseling situation, feeling safe and secure with a therapist is highly important. We ensure that our space is one that promotes your recovery and supports those with substance abuse disorders for long-term recovery. Seeking treatment is no easy feat, and we understand the strength it takes to find the right help. That’s why we believe strongly in creating a therapeutic alliance and building trust whenever we can. It can feel impossible for those struggling to feel more vulnerable than they already do, but effective and safe communication between a counselor and an individual can help create therapy approaches that work.

Our Approach

Before we create a framework for treatment, we begin our time with a new client assessing their individual situation. By becoming informed we can seek out any underlying problem or history of substance abuse to create a strategy that is clear and efficient. Although there are many modalities that we use, here are several types of therapy and assessment approaches we often use in our everyday practice.

  • Cognitive-Eye Therapy (CBT)
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Trauma-Based Treatment
  • Evidence-Based Treatment

Learning Together

When living with a substance use disorder, the risk of falling back into destructive patterns and behaviors is significantly higher. Recognizing these behaviors is key, but what if the individual isn’t in a space to see how and why these patterns emerge? Our goal is to help those in this difficult situation develop greater emotional harmony. By working to minimize these risks and preparing for future hardships, we can create a clear and effective relapse prevention plan. As well as define long-term goals. How do we work to do this?

  • Learn to recognize triggers
  • Learn to recognize risky behaviors
  • Learn to cope with everyday stressors
  • Creating a plan for relapse prevention
  • Allowing yourself space and time to talk and be heard

Client Privacy & Rights

Clearview Counseling is committed to providing each patient with quality health care and services. We respect each patients’ privacy, including any and all health information we’re given. We ensure the appropriate security is taken to protect that health information through our secure online database and an entirely paperless organization. Each person employed at Clearview Counseling who has access to sensitive clinical information undergoes training for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).