Counseling for Children and Families

A healthy and well-balanced family takes effort to create. Functioning as a family unit isn’t always as simple and natural as it’s made to be. At Clearview Counseling, we work with families through the many changes and potential challenges that arise during a child’s development or as family dynamics shift. We offer support and guidance to parents, new and seasoned, as well as family members from children to adolescents. 

Change happens together, through learning, listening, and engaging. Many parents have never thought to seek family therapy before and others are simply unsure that counseling is the correct path for their child and themselves. We believe that therapy can help you, and increase the well-being of your family as a functioning team. Our mission continues to be creating a safe and supportive environment that enhances the well-being of both a family as a whole, as well as its individual members. 

Support for Personal & Family Development

From skill-building to healthy coping skills for difficult life experiences, we believe that families can learn to support one another in healthy ways through the tools they receive in family therapy. Understanding the how and why behind our basic actions and reactions can help families make informed approaches to understand, engage, and accept one another. Personal and family development can happen within the tiniest of life events along with the notable ones, and our goal is to provide you with the proper tools and education to work through each in stride. 

What Types of Therapy Do We Offer?

Our approach to therapy is always evidence-based. There is a standard for evaluating the best practices for mental and behavioral health, and by using reliable and credible types of therapy, we can better support families as a whole as well as individuals. Although we offer additional modalities, these are simply a few we continue to use in everyday practice.

  • Play Therapy
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
  • Attachment-Based Therapy (ABFT)

Initial Family Assessment

An effective framework for therapy is the key to finding the best approach to understanding and working through family issues. We create this framework through an initial comprehensive assessment session, taking the time to gather any appropriate information about family dynamics and history through observation and interviews. This assessment may be done for an entire family or a child with their parent present and will be used to make an informed approach to any areas of concern.

Group Therapy for Adolescents

Like adults, many adolescents struggle with internal battles that can negatively impact an entire family. We offer various groups for this very reason. The contributing factors of adolescent stress don’t always disappear with age. Giving your adolescent teens the chance to openly speak, be heard, and safely challenge themselves is highly important to mental and physical wellness. Our groups focus on a wide array of topics, from depression and anxiety to self-esteem.